Smart Nora -€275,00

With Nora, there is nothing to wear to bed—no masks, dentures, or nose strips. In fact, you might not be able to spot it in a bedroom unless someone points it out.

Once Nora detects early sounds of snoring, it gently moves your head by activating a silent pump that inflates and deflates the insert sitting under your pillow. This slight movement stimulates the relaxed throat muscles and as a result, the airway assumes its natural position, allowing you to breathe normally once again.

Nora’s iOS app provides valuable insights into your snoring and sleep patterns. You can receive your overnight audio recordings and see the effects of Nora on the reduction of your snoring over time. While Nora is fully functional without the app, with the addition of the mobile app, you can better understand your sleep.

So do your girlfriend a favor and order it now: Smart Nora


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