Six Shooter .44 Tactical Shaving Brush – €139,00

Your morning shave will never be the same when you reach for your “Six Shooter”.

Strategic, confident, cunning and commanding; to be tactical is not a trait one simply possesses, one evolves into tactical. With a single-minded goal: freedom. Those like you who are tactical will sacrifice all to protect and secure independence. Bravely marching into unknown territory; facing dangers of all natures. Home is a frame of mind, a state of being as often, a nomad is the accurate and honest description of what you have become. But you are more than just a wandering warrior. You have purpose; drive. Your most potent arsenal is that of your cleverness and deliberate strategy. It’s your mind, your wit that nobody can ever take away from you.

Six Shooter Shaving Company:
Our attention to every detail is shown throughout every Six Shooter Shave Brush we manufacture. We pride our company on exceptional quality. Every Six Shooter Shave Brush is hand crafted in the USA. You will notice that we have tried to stay true to the “six shooter” even down to the authentic looking shell casings we use.

Each Set Contains:

  • Revolver Body – hand crafted from a solid piece of high grade anodized aluminum.
  • Removable Shave Brush – great for cleaning or replacement brush.
  • Silvertip Badger Brush 24mm x 55mm – lush feeling on your face every morning.
  • Authentic Looking Casings – .44 Mag bullet casings.
  • Laser Engraved – Six Shooter Logo.

The Six Shooter Shave Brush is excellent for: Law Enforcement Gifts, Military Gifts, Military Retirement Gifts, and even a unique groomsmen gift. Your special man will love this product!
Order it now online: Six Shooter Shaving Brush


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